Family Medicine


Naturopathic physicians are family practice doctors who are experts in natural health care.  We see patients of all ages for preventative health care and for treatment of acute and chronic illness.  We offer conventional diagnostic tools, such as labs and imaging, and also may use alternative lab testing to further assess health.  With a scope similar to conventional family practice doctors, we have the expertise to address illness and refer to specialists as needed.  Our therapies integrate conventional treatments with natural approaches to health, which may include vitamins and supplements, herbal therapies, nutrition and exercise therapies, or prescription medications as necessary.

At Ballard Natural Medicine, we provide care for all ages by offering a variety of comprehensive services. The following is a general list of the services provided.

Women's Health:
• Annual Wellness Exams
• PAP Tests
• Fertility and Family Planning
• Menstrual Disorders
• Menopause Transitions
• Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
• Acute and Chronic Gynecological Problems

• Newborn Care
• Well Child Exams
• School and Sports Physicals
• Teen and Pre-teen Care
• Treatment of Acute and Chronic Illness
• Immunizations

Adult Medicine:
• Annual Wellness Exams
• Preventative Services
• Screening Bloodwork
• Treatment of Acute and Chronic Illness

Naturopathic Specialties:
• Food Allergy Testing
• Acute and Constitutional Homeopathy
• Nutritional/Exercise/Lifestyle Counseling Services
• Integrative Treatments for
  Depression/ Anxiety/ Mood Disorders
• Treatment of Digestive Disorders